Frequently Asked Questions

Bellow are few questions about Skillsquared. Should you have further concerns or will like to invest into skillsquared. click on the contact us button to submit your request and our team will get in touch within 24 hours

To fight limitations surrounding individual development and providing all with equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and goals.

The gig Economy has been on a high rise for the past 10 years and has proven to be a major drive in nations across world contributing over 1 trillion dollars to america’s GDP. 

The ‘freelance economy’  currently makes up 35% of the U.S. workforce and is projected to reach 50.9% by 2027 giving us an ample opportunity to secure as space in this tech era.

All partners and shareholder will be eligible to annual dividends as highlighted in the shareholders agreement. 

Skillsquared will offer technological support to all shareholder with personal idea or goals  as our most of our resources will be made available to investors.

Expertise Contribution: Skillsquared welcomes all expertise across Information Technology, Law, Marketing and Sales. Shares Allocation will be available and be based on Individual submissions and offering.

 Financial Contribution: Currently, Skillsquared is selling Private Shares which is available to all investors. Revenue generated will be solely used for marketing and further development of this application.

Social and political Goodwill: Skillsquared welcome individuals with strong and vital social/political stands. Share allocation will also be available and be based on individual Submission and Offering.

Skillsquared is Registered and Incorporated in USA. 

Skillsquared is a global Platform, so we welcome users across the continents. However, advertisement and promotions are limited to USA, Nigeria, India and Pakistan, . we look forward to expanding our reach as soon as possible.

On the Freelancer platform, Skillsquared Charges 10% of all transactions completed by service providers.

Should you have further question or concerns about skillsquared, feel free to reach out by clicking on the contact us button. and we will get in touch withing 24 hours.