An Innovative and dynamic organization; LiveSpring LLC is set to find answers to the challenges of the society and organizations in order to bring effectiveness and excellence while at the same time transforming lives.
LiveSpring provides tools for people, groups and organizations to
Impact others
Connect with each other
Support for each other
Inspire others.
We are committed to: Vision- Excellence – Relevance


  • A. LiveSpring is multilingual and has about 108 major languages and several local dialects on the platform across every continent and nation in the world
  • B. LiveSpring is multinational and is available in 237 nations of the world both small and large countries in all the continents. Users who live in all these countries can use the platform, trade in the market and for most part use their languages to communicate on it with their organizations, colleagues, partners, friends, and families.
  • C. LiveSpring is multi-currency with over 150 currencies spent around the world. Users can easily buy products in their national currency from anywhere around the world with ease.
  • D. Communication in LiveSpring is very easy especially for organizations that have sub organizations in different places across the globe. Language barrier is minimized with a seamless translation on the platform and intra-communication between the organization from their headquarters to their subsidiaries on the platform.